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Fruit Cakes and Panforte

The Rich Fruit Cake is just that.  Full of mixed, dried fruit with marmelade; brandy and spices, these cakes are slowly baked to retain moisture and develop their flavours in true fruit cake style.  Available in 2 sizes and perfect for any time of the year.  

Our Gluten-free Chestnut Fruit Cake was developed, when a local chestnut farmer suggested we made a cake using their flour and puree. It is moist and flavoursome just like the Rich Fruit Cake.

The Chocolate & Hazelnut Panforte is a result of many flavour experiments and a Gold Medal winner at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.  After quite a few tasting sessions with friends, we decided on this wonderful, rich recipe with just a hint of orange and black pepper.  It is mixed by hand to retain the texture of the almonds, nuts and figs for both taste and presentation.  Local walnuts and honey plus roasted local hazelnuts is mixed with dark chocolate; almonds, superb spices and mixed fruit.  A small slice with a cup of coffee goes a long way - it's rich and very addictive...  

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  1. Chocolate and Hazelnut Panforte 170g
  2. Rich Fruit Cake 500g
  3. Rich Fruit Cake 1 kg
  4. Gluten-free Chestnut Cake 500g
  5. Brandy Sauce 250ml - perfect with your pudding
  6. Greeting Card for hampers & puddings - Christmas, birthday, thank you  etc.