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Christmas Plum Puddings

Traditional Plum Puddings are made from our Gold Award winning recipe (Sydney Royal Fine Food Show) in 4 sizes including a single individual serve mini pudding.

We also make a delicious Gluten-free Plum Pudding.

Home preparation is easy - simply heat in the oven or microwave.  The perfect finish to your Christmas Lunch. 

Attractively presented in calico, satin ribbon and a swing tag, these also make a delicious personal or corporate gift.  

Special Reserve Plum Pudding with Rutherglen Muscat and Barossa Valley Brandy.    This is available in very limited supply only.

Beautiful Australian sultanas, currants and raisins (some sourced organically) marinated in a generous amount of Stanton & Killeen's magnificent Muscat and premium Barossa Valley brandy. Also free range eggs, real butter, brown sugar and a special blend of traditional Christmas spices. All made by Chris in our commercial country kitchen in the Buckland Valley. 

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  1. Greeting Card for hampers & puddings - Christmas, birthday, thank you  etc.
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  3. Brandy Sauce 250ml - perfect with your pudding
  4. Traditional Plum Pudding 600g - serves 5
  5. Gluten-free Plum Pudding 600g (serves 5)
  6. Traditional Plum Pudding 1.3 kg - serves 10
  7. Special Reserve Christmas Plum Pudding 1 kg
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  8. Special Reserve Plum Pudding in Hamper
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  9. Traditional Plum Pudding 3 kg - serves 25
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